Investing in Excelling Scientists

KFAS aspires to promote education, sponsor high achieving students and academic graduates and help them pursue their studies at top-notch international universities in advanced countries. Among the distinguished are a number of PhD graduates, qualified to proceed with even higher levels of education and research at the foreign universities and colleges.

The Foundation has enrolled some of the high achieving graduates in special high-level programs at these universities early in the year. Some of the programs are scheduled to proceed until end of August this year.

KFAS, through this program, provides partial scholarships to enable those distinguished graduates who have not been employed yet to acquire high-level training and research and conduct post PhD studies.

Promoting education and knowledge in Kuwait is a strategic objective. Therefore, KFAS is keen to place this goal among its top priorities. Undoubtedly, this kind of educational programs will contribute to upgrading our business environment, to achieve a knowledge based economy.