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Investing in Resources to Build the Future


In line with KFAS’ mission to develop the skills and capacities of human resources in private companies, KFAS has adopted the open enrollment program; whereby training courses are held to enhance the professional skills of the private sector workforce  for innovation to thrive. The program is designed to drive performance, encourage innovation and creativity in businesses, as well as empower the participants to share knowledge and expertise besides assessing opportunities and their economic feasibility.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 75 private sector employees attended four training programs; Innovation Through Human-Centered, Innovation Culture, Innovation Immersion, and Facilitating Creative Breakthroughs: A Manager Certification Bootcamp.

These programs offered in Kuwait are available to all private sector companies and have been received enthusiastically. Participants joined from more than 15 companies that included: Equate, Boubyan Bank, NBK, NBK Capital, ITS, Boubyan Petrochemicals, Agilty, Alshayam, KFH, MABANEE, Kuwait Energy, Tamdeen, Alarjan, Gulf Bank, Alahli United Bank and Warba Bank.

 The objective of KFAS in offering these programs is to develop the human capacity for creativity and innovation in the private sector. KFAS has successfully partnered with leading international training providers including: Creax, LUMA Institue, Board of Innovation, Design Thinkers Academy and FourSight.

 Through a dynamic mix of lectures and hands-on activities, participants learned about the processes to innovate, get more out of direct customer research, have measurable impact on product development and have productive interdisciplinary collaboration.

The programs aimed at encouraging companies to foster innovative cultures where ideas and people flourish

The programs also focused on ways to enhance cooperation and understanding as well as resolve emerging problems and gave them a deep dive into the creative process that drives innovation.

Some of the testimonials on these programs were captured:

Ahmad Aleid, Head of Businees Excellence Ooredoo who attended one of the courses said “I was WOWed to see the steep improvement in my facilitation skills, I felt like every second of course and every workshop we facilitated was a unique and valuable learning experience! . You will be amazed of the impact that this course will be having on you personally and professionally.”

As for Tareq Jafar, Vice President of Technical Services, Equate said about the program that he sees “a culture change” and a progression of Equate “moving forward in innovation.”

Mohammed Fathy , Training Manager at Americana thought it “was an amazing course” and it taught him to think scientifically when facing problems through  clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing an action.