International Training Programs...
Transferring World Class Expertise

Collaborating with top-notch universities and colleges in advanced countries is one of the most significant means for education and training. For years, KFAS has been working with these institutions for benefiting those who work in companies, establishments, universities and scientific institutions in Kuwait. One of its programs is with the University of California, Berkeley  The programs focuses on the areas of urban planning, architecture, landscape design, environmental design, new-media design, urban history, and related topics. The goals of the Program are to bolster scholarly exchange, create opportunities for shared research on cultural and urban development, and create opportunities for Kuwaiti professionals to pursue advanced post-professional engagement.

A workshop was held in March on Teaching Excellence, which is one of the program’s components.  Up to 72 teachers from Kuwait University took part in the course. The objective of the three-day program, hosted by KFAS, was to enable participants to better apply the science of learning to educating college-level students, define learning outcomes and performance targets of their students and deliver engaging content that promotes learning and critical thinking.

As a follow up to the course, 10-12 Kuwaiti teachers will be enrolled in an educational workshop early 2017 to train them on holding training courses in Kuwait.

The agreement, signed by the Foundation on behalf of Kuwait University with UC Berkeley, focuses on several components including research for new teachers and it provides them with opportunities to study for a week, a semester or a whole year at Berkeley. PhD students are given the choice to conduct field work in Kuwait, or hold an activity about a Kuwaiti issue in Berkeley.

Under the agreement, PhD researchers or students who are completing the doctorate level may register for a year at UC Berkeley to conduct a study or research about a scientific topic concerning Kuwait.

Moreover, KU professors will be provided the opportunity to study for a year at one of the faculties in UC Berkeley. The professors will have an opportunity to publish their researches in specialized and scientific journals where they will be able to cooperate with their peers at Berkeley for pre-publishing research preparation.

The professional dimension of the program with UC Berkeley is of wide scale, aimed at interaction among the vocational faculties such as the faculties of engineering and architecture along with others of applied education.

In addition, the program enables architecture students from the California University to visit Kuwaiti universities for a week to work with their Kuwaiti peers in design studios.

Certainly, this cooperation agreement accounts to a qualitative leap in vocational and scientific cooperation between the Kuwaiti Educational Institutions and this renowned American University. Furthermore, it enables the teachers in Kuwait to benefit at the scientific and vocational levels in basic applied domains.